SEARCH DOG'S RAVEN tells the Eerie Story of a Wilderness Search Dog Team.
Coin card with a search dog logo.

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Now that coin cards hold up to six hours of full resolution video, with GPS navigation links, the Dog's Raven Wilderness Search Dog Team records each search as it happens. Tail side ridges ensure the coin card lines up with the new standard 70 pin connection...even in the dark. Easy to carry and easy to store, coin cards can be customized for identification. This coin card is embossed with the Dog's Raven Search Team Logo.

Coin card inserted into a Mini Laptop shows a handler, her search dog and a raven.A white embossed metal plaque reads Search Dog's Raven.


This web site has a search mission theme. Follow the silver arrow of every page or choose your desired category.
Technophiles will want to check out SEARCH links 2 to 9 for the Team's HIGH TECH GEAR.

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www.SearchDogsRaven.com                        (This web page is Your Map)

Search Dog's Raven Coin Logo, with search dog close up and writing.  White embossed metal.The search handler and her dog ride a gondola, she speaks to the dog.  Medium Close Up.

. FOOTAGE    3)         (4    EVIDENCE 

Trailer, Clips & Communicator                       Photos, Posters & Mini Camera
A raven nuzzles a Rhodesian ridgeback dog on the head.Search Dog's Raven Coin Logo, with search dog and writing.  White embossed metal.

 INCIDENT    5)         (6    ALERTS .... 

Story, Background & Goggles                        Press, News & Ear Piece.........
The search dog team rides a gondola, a quadriplegic search liaison watches computer screens with the search dog.White embossed metal musical notes leave tracks on the black background.

 ROSTER    7)         (8    TRACKS 

Characters & Search Liaison                        Soundtrack & Mini Laptop..
A young handler hugs her search dog in terror, as a raven flies behind with the team's coin card in his beak.  Words: Any search can turn dangerous, but their last one turns deadly.Ebbey the Canine Actor, Allex Michael young blond actress, Quadriplegic Actor Marcus Ross.

.. DEBRIEF    9)         (10    ACTORS 

Secrets & Dermal Sensor                        Cast Members..............

A search dog stands in the snowy mountains, Ebbey of the Dog's Raven Search Dog Team.Coin Card, with search dog and writing.  White embossed metal

..... TEAM    11)         (12    TV SHOW 

.......Official Search Dog Team Site                        Real Life Animated Adventures
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Director: Allex Michael    Technical Consultant    Locations    Product Placements   

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MAP: Links to the Site Map, Index and Memory Coin.FOOTAGE: Links to the Trailer and Communicator.EVIDENCE: Links to Photos, Posters and Mini Camera.INCIDENT: Links to the Story, Background and Goggles.ALERTS: Links to Press, Contacts and Ear Piece.TEAM: Links to the Dog's Raven Search Dog Team Web Site.TV SHOW: Links to the Animated Series.ROSTER: Links to the Characters and Search Liaison.TRACKS: Links to the Soundtrack and Mini Laptop.DEBRIEFING: Links to Where all Secrets are Disclosed and Dermal Sensor.

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Though aiming for a 'PG', the film Search Dog's Raven is not yet rated.
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An Eerie Action Thriller with a Unique Supernatural Twist.
Any search can turn deadly, as a young woman and her search dog are lured down a dangerous trail.

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