SEARCH DOG'S RAVEN tells the Eerie Story of a Wilderness Search Dog Team.

                   • in-ci-dent • The event requiring SAR.
Search and rescue operations can prevent the loss of life, however a risk of danger or even death is implied with any such incident.


Based on the latest military technology, the Dog's Raven Search Dog Team is one of nine volunteers testing these prototype field goggles. If the eight month trial is successful, manufacturers will begin production in early 2014. In addition to shatterproof eye protection, these field goggles project a miniature screen onto one lens. This allows hands free viewing of maps, photos or other essential information required in the field. Though best viewed in darkness, screen image clarity is surprisingly good in full sunlight. Screen view is activated manually, by voice or remotely.

Dog's Raven is also currently testing a miniaturized infrared eyepiece which will be offered as an accessory.

SEARCH DOG'S RAVEN™ SYNOPSIS White metal embossed artwork of Ebbey the search dog.

As the lead search dog team in the Rockies, having an animated series based on your life isn't easy. When a real search turns deadly, unexplainable events cast doubt on the celebrity dog's abilities. Some of which, are yet unknown. This eerie murder, and a raven, lures the young woman and her wilderness search dog down a dangerous trail. However, the key to unlocking this unnatural crime turns out to be.....the Search Dog's raven.

Search Dog's Raven takes place from the full moon of March 27, 2013 to the full moon of April 26th, 2013.

Making her filmmaking debut, Director Allex Michael creates an eerie action thriller that is factually based. Not only will you leave the theater with a greater appreciation for search dogs, the story's unique twist may shake your assumptions about animal abilities and the afterlife.

Origins of the Name Dog's Raven

Even as a young girl, Mikella was a natural born tracker. Her aboriginal stepfather's father named her 'Dog's Raven' because she could help her dog find anyone. Like when a raven helps wolves find prey. Searching with her canine partner Ebbey, Mikella uses the name Dog's Raven in her grandfather's honor.

Like a film within a film, the Dog's Raven search dog team's real life adventures are being turned into an animated series. The official Logo, features stylized artwork of Ebbey the search dog. black space bar

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A Memory Coin card embossed with a search dog and Search Dog's Raven in white metal.     SEARCH DOG'S RAVEN Poster images, handler and dog fearful, raven flies off with their memory card coin.  Any search can turn dangerous, but their last one turns deadly.    A four year old Mikella holds a puppy in a run down back yard.    Ebbey the search dog and her disabled raven friend.    A search dog photo to metal logo to embroidered logo.    A raven carries a stolen memory card coin     A Memory Coin card embossed with a search dog in white metal.        Metal Arrow link

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Though aiming for a 'PG', the film Search Dog's Raven is not yet rated.
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An Eerie Action Thriller with a Unique Supernatural Twist.
Any search can turn deadly, as a young woman and her search dog are lured down a dangerous trail.

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