Ebbey the search dog and her disabled raven friend. SEARCH DOG'S RAVEN tells the Eerie Story of a Wilderness Search Dog Team.

Children Raise Themselves and a Rescued Pup

After their grandfather died, Mikella and Albert basically raised themselves. There was Albert, Mikella, her dog and their father's old pet raven. Long periods of isolation inspired their artistic talents. So when they weren't out tracking, they were drawing, painting or writing stories. Though unable to fly, the disabled raven was constantly getting into trouble and a constant inspiration.

The family dog died when Mikella was sixteen. To cheer her up, Albert and his father brought home a scrappy little pup found starving on the Rez (reservation). Stubborn as 'stone', Mikella named the dog after her grandfather Ebenezer. The intense little pup was soon called 'Ebbey' for short.

Though less than ideal as a pet, Ebbey's high drive and intensity singled her out as a tracker. Mikella began channeling the pup's wild instincts into searching.

Immediately spotting a patsy, the family's pet raven taught Ebbey many new ways to get into trouble. Not that the young dog needed any help. This mutual mischief led to a very strong bond between the raven and the dog. Since the old bird's death, two years ago, Ebbey has been searching for another dog friendly raven. But unlike her lifelong pal, the other ravens keep flying away.

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A Memory Coin card embossed with a search dog and Search Dog's Raven in white metal.     SEARCH DOG'S RAVEN Poster images, handler and dog fearful, raven flies off with their memory card coin.  Any search can turn dangerous, but their last one turns deadly.       A four year old Mikella holds a puppy in a run down back yard.       Ebbey the search dog and her disabled raven friend.       A search dog photo to metal logo to embroidered logo.       A raven carries a stolen memory card coin     A Memory Coin card embossed with a search dog in white metal.          Metal Arrow links to their VOCATION

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An Eerie Action Thriller with a Unique Supernatural Twist.
Any search can turn deadly, as a young woman and her search dog are lured down a dangerous trail.

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