SEARCH DOG'S RAVEN tells the Eerie Story of a Wilderness Search Dog Team.

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From Starving Stray to Canine Star
Former Garbage Dump Dog Celebrates Christmas in Style

Three Christmas Spirits of Ebbey the Canine Actor

The Three Spirits of Ebbey
'Joy, Devotion and Mischief'
Wish you a Very Merry Christmas.

WHITEFISH, Montana - Found starving in a garbage dump just two years ago, Ebbey now enjoys the pampered lifestyle of a canine actor. Christmas celebrations include specially prepared turkey dinners, dozens of presents and a much deserved trip to the country. The former stray stars in the upcoming feature film Search Dog's Raven, the eerie story of a young woman and her famous wilderness search dog.

Ebbey's rags to riches story is chronicled at Ebbey.com and her saga of daily life continues at Ebbey Blogspot Ebbey.Blogspot.com. Commentaries include Killer Kitties, Love the Bunny and the Flying Mousy. Not only does this rescued Rhodesian ridgeback cross now have her own web site and blog, but she's the only Ebbey listed in the well known Internet Movie Database imdb.com. There are also those who believe Ebbey's good looks led to Search Dog's Raven being listed in the Hollywood Reporter.

Only the most intelligent dogs survive living in a garbage dump, and this clever mongrel's antics would wreak havoc for the average pet owner. However, Ebbey's naughty personality is well suited for the working dog lifestyle of a canine actor.

The big question is whether or not success is going to Ebbey's head? Search Dog's Raven Director Allex Michael confirms that Ebbey remains the same sweet little dog. But then soon remarked, she has noticed a few small changes. Firstly, Ebbey is no longer a little dog. Though rescued as an adult, the once starving stray has nearly doubled her original 44 pounds (20kg).

Then there's the issue of meal time. During the filming of Search Dog's Raven, Ebbey was served three to four freshly cooked meals per day. Though the film's chef has moved on to another production, Ebbey's taste buds now discriminate like a food critic.

Lastly, no dog appreciates a new toy like Ebbey. Kong Company provided dog toys for the film Search Dog's Raven and Ebbey spent many on and off camera hours in joyful play. This led to cast, crew and even interviewers bringing Ebbey a new stuffed toy just to see her reaction. Of course the canine star is now astounded when anyone arrives without a gift for Ebbey. Even when it's not Christmas.

How Ebbey really handles success is coming soon. Based on the real life adventures of a wilderness search dog team, the canine star resumes the role of search dog in the upcoming animation 'Search Dog's Raven'. The spinoff is filmed like a live action series, then every frame is painted, modified and shaded. Ebbey is also in negotiations to star in her second feature film.

See more Ebbey photos at Ebbey.com and DogsRaven.net

Writer Director Allex Michael comments about this press release at filmmakerslog.blogspot.com.

Contact: Lynn Wood
Production Office: 403-241-2344

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