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SEARCH DOGS RAVEN TELLS THE EERIE STORY OF A SEARCH DOG TEAM...Fingers load a coin card into a tiny metal computer, then a young blonde handler is shown hugging her search dog in terror on screen.  A raven then flies at the viewer with a memory coin card in his beak.  Animated words read :The Eerie Story of a Search Dog Team. Tells the eerie story of a wilderness search dog team.

As the lead search dog team in the Rockies, having an animated series based on your life isn't easy. When a real search turns deadly, unexplainable events cast doubt on the celebrity dog's abilities. Some of which, are yet unknown. This eerie murder, and a raven, lures the young woman and her wilderness search dog down a dangerous trail. However, the key to unlocking this unnatural crime turns out to be.....the Search Dog's raven.

Set in the near future, this Eerie Action Thriller with a Unique Supernatural Twist, takes place from the full moon of March 27, 2013 to the full moon of April 26th, 2013.

Already receiving attention from the Hollywood Reporter and Variety magazine, both the film and the animated spinoff are based on the real life adventures of a young woman and her wilderness search dog Ebbey.

CANDLE FILMS presents EBBEY and MIKELLA of the DOG RAVEN search dog team, in SEARCH DOG'S RAVEN. Directed by ALLEX MICHAEL, the film is produced by LYNN WOOD and COFFEE HUEBERG. PAUL HUEBERG and YEUB RAFAYL serve as executive producers and ALLEX MICHAEL PICTURES is the coproducer. Based on her novella 'The Deadly Search', the screenplay is by ALLEX MICHAEL, as is the film's original soundtrack. Aspect Ratio: 1.85:1

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Though aiming for a PG rating, the film Search Dog's Raven is not yet rated.
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An Eerie Action Thriller with a Unique Supernatural Twist.
Any search can turn deadly, as a young woman and her search dog are lured down a dangerous trail.

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Search Dog's Raven Revealed

    The New Feature Film Tells the Eerie Story of a Wilderness Search Dog Team.

Any Search can turn Deadly, as a Young Woman and Her Wilderness Search Dog are Lured Down a Dangerous Trail.

WELCOME to our newly designed web site. SEARCH DOG'S RAVEN is currently in post production, so footage and many photos are upcoming. Please visit often or let us update you when the trailer is posted in early 2006.

Set in the near future, this eerie action thriller takes place from the full moon of March 27, 2013 to the full moon of April 26th, 2013.

< A raven carries a missing memory coin card.

Now that coin cards hold up to six hours of full resolution video, the Dog Raven Wilderness Search Dog Team records each search as it happens.

CANDLE FILMS presents the Search Dog Team EBBEY and MIKELLA in SEARCH DOG'S RAVEN. Directed by ALLEX MICHAEL, the film is produced by LYNN WOOD and COFFEE HUEBERG. PAUL HUEBERG and YEUB RAFAYL serve as executive producers and ALLEX MICHAEL PICTURES is the co–producer. Based on her unpublished novella 'The Deadly Search', the screenplay is by ALLEX MICHAEL, as is the film's original soundtrack.

Aspect Ratio: 1.85:1



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TV Show

'Search Dog's Raven' The Real Life Animated Adventures of a Search Dog Team


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SearchDogsRaven.Net Where All Secrets are Disclosed

    Debriefing Includes: Director, Actors, Technical Consultant, Locations, Secrets, Credits, Unusual Title, Inspiration, Experts, Story Conception, Hook, Glossary, Raven and Owl, Based on Novella The Deadly Search, Creating the Artwork and Logo, Props, Product Placements, Sponsors, Memorabilia, Printed Matter, Token Coin

Log Line Teaser - Any Search Can Turn Dangerous:
The Team Heli-Rappels
Thunder Snow Threatens the Team
A Wild Encounter With Wolves
More Wild Encounters

Log Line Teaser - Any Search Can Turn Dangerous, But Their Last One Turns Deadly:
The Raven's Predator
Critically Wounded
The Hunter Becomes The Hunted

Search Dog's Raven Synopsis Expanded
An Insiders Background: Unconventional Upbringing Shapes a Search Dog Handler
An Insiders Background: Children Raise Themselves and a Rescued Pup
An Insiders Background: Art Meets Life
An Insiders Background: Dog Raven's Media Attention Miffs Local Authorities
An Insiders Background: Murder Alters Stepbrother's Future
An Insiders Background: 'Search Dog's Raven' The Search Dog Team Becomes Animated
'Search Dog's Raven' An Unusual Title?
Story Inspirations and Conception
Fear as Inspiration: Quotes from Scriptwriter Allex Michael

High Concepts
How Many Subplots Satisfies Today's Sophisticated Audiences?
Genres: Supernatural Horror vs Eerie Action Thriller
Based on Allex Michael's Novella "The Deadly Search"
Story and Meanings
Fear and Spirituality, Raven Mythology
Unnatural Death, Raven and Owl Symbols
Hero and Myth
Writing the Screenplay

UPCOMING Trailers, Featurettes and Music Videos:
Ebbey the Canine Star
Teaser Trailer
Main Trailer
Featurettes and Slide Shows
Music Videos
Marcus Ross - portrays our wheelchair bound character - Jesse
Special Effects
Achieving Thrilling Stunts with a 'Girly' Director (Could also be called 'Limiting your Liability')
Ebbey's Amazing Leap
Filming Locations
Filming Ravens
Filming Wolves
Animating the TV Series 'Search Dog's Raven'

Posters: Which is Your Favorite?

Photo Gallery Slide Show:

Revealing Story Photos with Teaser Captions
Production Photos
Promotional Photos
Behind the Scene Shots

Film and Music Reviews

An Online Press Kit
Press Releases
Press Clippings
Story Suggestions for the Press

Using Your Logo

Making her Directorial Debut - Meet Our Director 'Allex Michael'
Filmmaking Challenges Me As...
Photographs by Allex Michael for the Film
Creative Inspirations for Search Dog's Raven
Writing vs Filmmaking
Allex Michael's Earliest Paintings
A More Personal Look At The Director Allex Michael's Background

Filmmakers Log'...an ongoing Blog about making 'Search Dog's Raven'

A Background for Making a Unique Film
Interview with a First Time Filmmaker

Meet the Stars, both Human and Animal: including several different dogs, a raven, wolves, a cougar, bighorn, great gray owl, bison, elk, a grizzly, eagles, turkeys, bark beetle grubs,

UPCOMING Locations:
Can You Identify These Amazing Landmarks?
Where are These Amazing Locations?
Reality vs Location Filmmaking
Filming a Former Garbage Dump Dog riding the Banff Gondola
Filming in a National Park
Filming on Private Land

Technology and Science:
Meet our Technical Consultant: Search and Rescue Specialist - Kimberly R. Kelly Falconer
The Science of Searching
The Science of Murder
Searching for Children
Search Victim Profiles
Searching for the Alzheimer's Victim
Revealing Some of the Science Behind the Film
Phases of the Moon
Moon Halos
Thunder Snow
Poacher Video Streams
Wind Turbines
Solid Hydrogen Fuel
Scenting Unstable People
Animal Emotions
Animal Telepathy
Death Scent
Dog Vision
Bite Marks
Internet Hacker Theft of the EbbeyInfo file (Or just a writer's imagination)
Topographical Maps Use (USGS)
Helicopter Use with Search and Rescue Efforts
Technological Advances in 2013

Insight into each Main Character and some Memorable Minor Ones
Story Settings.
Search Dog Team Media Coverage
Background on Each Search
Location as Character
Search Dog Articles
Unnatural Death

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Paintings and Illustrations by Allex Michael for the Film

Hundreds More Props Made for the Film
The Communicator (a cell phone, internet, projector, gps and video cam combined hybrid)
The Hybrid Electric Vehicle and Hydrogen Electric Snow Vehicle Hybrid
The Future for Search and Rescue Tools.
The Revolutionary Hard Drive Coin with Custom Logo
Selling out to Product Placements - 'Then Again You try making a pair of Hiking Boots!"
The Business of Product Placement
Product Placement's Impact on the Audience

Equipment List
Some Unusual Equipment Adapted For Making the Film
Software That Helped Make The Film

One Size Fits A Few
Human Wardrobes
Dog Wardrobes
Costumes Designed

Sets and Film Design
Outdoor Scenes
Indoor Scenes
Set Design Tricks

The Sound Track:
Sound Recording
Sound Effects
Animal Sounds
Failed Foley

Filming and Principal Photography:
Formats and Ratios Explained
Animals Won't Work With Storyboards or Reality Filmmaking

Editing Strategies
Editing Rhythms
Made on a Mac

The Film's Original Score:
Listen to Music Clips
Song Quotes
Identify the instruments
Inspirations behind each song
Composer Profile
CD Cover
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Special Effects and Stunts
Creating an Avalanche
Creating a Time Lapse Shot
Creating a Cougar Attack

Animating 'Search Dog's Raven'

Behind The Scenes Scrapbook:
Making of the Film
Scriptwriting vs Scriptmarketing

Revealing Interviews with Cast and Crew

Businesses That Helped Our Production
People Who Helped Our Production
Books That Helped Us Make the Film
Stuff We Bought on Ebay

Production Notes

A List of Credits and Thanks
Making the Credits Interesting and Informative

Articles And Stories about the Film 'Search Dog's Raven':
Working with Actors
Working with Extras
Films with Animals (AHA)
Stock Footage
Audience Profiles
Bird Watching
Budget and Funding
Buzz and Word Of Mouth
Stirring Creativity
Female Directors
Female Leads (Two for One)
Female Protagonists
Independent Filmmaking
Defining Genre
Working The Graveyard Shift
Website Strategies and Design
Market Case Study of the Film Search Dog's Raven
Film Markets
Memorable Events During the Making of Search Dog's Raven
Estimating a Performer's Draw
Photography Tips
Photography Tips: The Golden Hour
Pop Culture References in the Film Search Dog's Raven
Putting Together a Press Kit
Promotional Photos are Paramount: Do You Look at the Photos Before the Words?
Souvenir Frames
Test Screening
Title and Fonts
Hints for Writing Your First Screenplay

Search Dog's Raven Faqs:
Answers to Many Questions

Mail Lists: Includes various topics and answers to some questions for:

The Film 'Search Dog's Raven'

The Spinoff Animated Series 'Search Dog's Raven'

Ebbey The Canine Star

Allex Michael The Writer Director

Marcus Ross Who Portrays Our Wheelchair Bound Character

Definitions of all terms used in the film.

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Merchandise: Our Coin Disk Souvenir and how it was created

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